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Lets seee… The Entertainer, Beat Twister, the Godfather of the 1's and 2's.
 Dirty is  one of the funkiest old man on this planet. He started as a DJ
 well over 40 yrs ago, now he’s old as hell and still raising just as much 
hell. The Entertainer was one of the first artist of the whole game, His skill
 set is off the scale and if you come to a party where Dirty is doing his thing
 just so you can be seen beware because he will run your ass out of the club,
 you must didn't’t see the sign... “PARTY PEOPLE ONLY“. 
The Underground Party Nation Top Secret 
Here we have a plether of 
 Internet radio Personalities who march to the beat
 of their own drum 
 bringing you a variety of flavor for your ears. TGF stand for:
 "To Get Funk!" 
 TGF is the brainchild  of "The Entertainer Magnificent Doo-Dirty"

(Shhh... whatever you do don't call him a DJ)

Sydney Chase is a Mother, Friend, Healer, Counselor, Daughter, Sister, Actress, Entrepreneur, Shaman, Inspirational Speaker, Singer & Lover of Music, Talk show Host & Author of "Mind Garden of Eden". Sydney is presently the Host of The Indigo Room:Creating Our Reality, which has been live since 2007.
 The Indigo Room's focus is based on creating & manifesting our reality by using the natural laws of the universe including the law of attraction. Topics covered on the show, The Bible, Neville Goddard, Prentice Mulford, Wallace Wattles, Florence Scovel Shinn, Genievieve Behrend, Thomas Troward, Dr. Joseph Murphy, manifestation stories, Indigos, relationships, and many other topics with regards to the spiritual being that we all are. 

Every Sunday at 1PM Eastern. Call in 724-444-7444 enter talkcast ID33443# follow operator prompts to be connected to the show.


Birthdate june 7th 1964
age 50
location ...north carolina
Description ........ Ive been a dj since i was 17 years old dating back to the year 1979 doing local community centers ,house partys and a few local clubs in my city. I later went on to college in 1983 to pursue my dream of becoming a FM radio station dj and fulfilled that dream at W.S.H.A. FM among other stations. i Worked as a program Director , production manager and music department director at the radio station. I recieved my B.A Degree in Radio, Television and film doing that time in 1987. Music has always played a special part in my life and i appreciate and listen to all styles of music even today. Ive done alot of production work for major industry affiliates and help start several online radio stations. My motto that i live by even today is that "Music is universal keep spreading the love " and i thank all the folks that played a part in life to help me accomplish my dreams and goals in the industry.

DJ BlkChina was brought up with the Old school music. Being a Baby Boomer we had the best music at the time when I was growing up. Born and Raise in NYC I got to hear music artist start there Music career.Startiing DJ'N back in 2000 on a site online being that I love music so I really enjoy entertaining people and sharing 
my love for music.Started with a station called WJAM and branch out to WPHL was with both station for many years.Give me some Old school, Disco,hip hop R N B,
I have been called the DISCO QUEEN. 

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